About the Inn

Take off your shoes and come in…


 Make yourself at home!

Our samurai-period inspired lodging provides futon beds on tatami floors. It is located in Arakicho, a peaceful part of Shinjuku that used to be the residence of a samurai lord, then a geisha district, and now Tokyo’s secret gourmet town.

During the day, you can feel the atmosphere of Japanese everyday life in a quiet neighborhood. At night the streets’ neons light up and become a lively place to eat and drink. The inn’s staff will advise you on the best places to have a walk or go eating out, according to your interests.


This is the corridor to our guest rooms, inspired by the ‘doma’ of Japanese architecture.

To keep your privacy, the entrance to your room is designed like a tea ceremony room with a narrow entrance. Bend and enter your room.



Our rooms are modeled on the ancient times housing called ‘nagaya’, with tatami floor, paper windows and thin walls. Please note that for air circulation and security in case of fire, there is a space between the walls and the ceiling, and the room has no door but a ‘sudare’, a kind of bamboo blind.

After a day of busy sightseeing, feel the simplicity of the traditional Japanese housing, relax and meditate on your journey!

There are 3 types of rooms available: single, twin, and double.

‘Hinoki’ cypress bath

Like Japanese people every night, relax in the bath! Appreciate the relaxing scent of ‘hinoki wood’ (Japanese cypress).

*Shower rooms are also available 24 hours a day.

The communication space

When samurai-period Edo (Tokyo) citizens lived in houses called ‘nagaya’, they would meet everyday at the well. In Japanese this is called “idobata kaigi” (“holding a meeting at the well”). People would socialize when washing their clothes and share local news. Do the same in our communication space: talk freely to our staff and get local recommendations or share travel stories with other travelers around a cup of tea.

Front Desk




Shower Room




Price for 1 room

 Single Room  1 person  8,640 JPY ~
 Twin Room  2 people  14,040 JPY ~

Check-in 16:00-22:00 / Check-out 11:00

Note: Please pay by cash or credit card at check-in. If you cannot make the check-in time, please let us know before 10pm.


Please be aware of the following

・The hot bath, shower, and restroom will be shared.
・The inn is not responsible for any stolen or damaged personal belongings. Please manage your own belongings on your own responsibility. Each room has a security box.
・Smoking is not allowed in the inn. Please use the smoking space outside the inn.
・There are no family rooms available. Please contact the inn about staying with a children under 11 years old.
・Cancel Fee
 1 day before・・・50% of stay
 On the day・・・100% of stay
 No show・・・ 100% of stay





The following will be provided without extra

Family hot bath/Shower(24 hours)
Hair Dryer/Face and bath towel
Shampoo, Conditioner, Bath Soap/Toothbrush, Ear plugs/ Yukata (adult size)
Refrigerator/Microwave/Tea, Coffee/WIFI